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In the 80-plus years since 1930, Hitachi Automotive Systems has been developing its operations globally to respond to the needs of its customers in the automotive equipment business.
During that time the automotive environment has undergone major changes, requiring innovations in the areas of the environment, safety, and comfort, and a response to the diversifying range of markets in the wake of globalization. And along with this, suppliers are having to make a contribution to the implementation of vehicle electronics and provide detailed, comprehensive global support.
We are using our experience, honed over our long history in the automotive equipment business, together with our strengths in electronics technology, to strengthen operations in the areas of the Environment, Safety, and Information. Our areas of business operations were strengthened in 2004 by our company’s integration of TOKICO, Ltd. and Hitachi Unisia Automotive, Ltd., followed in 2006 by Clarion Co., Ltd. becoming a subsidiary. Then in 2009, we were established as an independent company by the split-off of Automotive Systems from Hitachi, Ltd., which was done to strengthen competitiveness and speed up the management decision-making process, and has led to the accelerated pace of our global business development.
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