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COPAT was born in April 1977 on specific needs of Amp (today TE CONNECTIVITY), a leader in the field of electrical and electronic connections, with the aim of creating a center specialized in electrical connections in the after-market field. Copat works through the attempted sale covering all our country with more than 20vans.

COPAT management consists of people with a multi-year experience in companies producing and supplying connections in the OEM.

COPAT, thanks to its expertise in the automotive electrical connections and harness, is now able to supply to each customer the 100% of the parts needed for the car electrical equipment. This has been made possible thanks the constant increment of suppliers that has brought our company to manage more than 10.000part numbers.

Since 2011 COPAT has become a partner of FIAT GROUP AUTOMOBILES for electrical systems and related equipments including their maintenance through a supplying system called DFS (Direct From Suppliers). The supplying is made through the direct sale with van (attempted sale) to all Italian dealers and workshops authorized by FGA.

COPAT has more than 6.000 customers in the automotive field both in Italy and abroad. Our company has 3 different supplying levels through which we have a mutual contact with our customers: 1) we sell directly to workshops and spare parts dealer sales to workshops, 2) we sell through our commercial office to harness makers and industries and 3) as the last new entry, we sell through our e-commerce on our web-site.

COPAT has always been in the forefront of the electronic systems for optimizing the sale management. Today we are proud to state that our company is one of the first ones to use tablets with the portable version of our operational system with the possibility to have details of our stock, state of orders and account situation available everywhere. This allows Copat to offer a better and better service to our Third Millenium Customers.

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